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  • Desktop SEO audit software

    Whats new in version
    New Features: Multi-site parallel crawling:
    • Visual SEO Studio has always been able to perform parallel, now it makes easier to launch the spiders at the same time. Useful for competitors analysis and hunting prospective customers of SEO agencies. Fixes:
    • Fixed real world crash condition when deleting an entry in Custom Filters after the grid changed focus. 6 real users suffered it, sorry guys. Thanks to the one who told me how to reproduce it.
    • Fix - when closing main form with a running crawl, start page and manage sessions form where forced closed (correctly), then the running crawl impeded closing, but the two previous windows couldn\\\'t open any more.
    • Robustness - Custom Filters Editor, prevented (a very) theoretical crashing condition. No user could possibly have ever experienced it. Performances: Asynchronous storage:
    • Saving crawl data on disk has been completely decoupled from the crawl process, using an asynchronous queue consumed by a dedicated thread delegated to save data in...

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